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Safety is important to us and we take our role in the community seriously. Based on guidance from health authorities and government agencies, we are implementing the following safety measures.

  • Vaccinations are no longer required: For patrons and performers, Covid-19 vaccination is no longer required to enter the theater.

  • Masks recommended: Masks reduce risk and spread of all kinds of diseases. Patrons are welcome to choose for themselves.

  • Ventilation and Air Purity: To increase the air quality for all we conducted an air ventilation and filtration consultation with Ohia Advisors. Based on the size of our theater, occupancy expectations, our current HVAC system, and the nature of activities conducted in the space, we have added the recommended number of Medical Grade, True HEPA filter air purifiers to the theater to maximize air exchanges per hour and significantly reduce transmission risk.

Safety measures and protocols are subject to change, according to the public health situation at the time of a show.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us.

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