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Are you a magician?

Are you regularly in the New England area?

Are you interested in getting more involved with the local magic community?

Join us! We're a group of friends looking to put together good public shows, and fun local events for magicians.


Sign up to be on our shows, join our creativity jams, and stay in the loop about The Boston Magic Lab's going-ons. View magic-related news and have access to all of the resources that we have been working on gathering to create a vibrant and diverse magic community right here in Boston, Massachusetts!

If you are interested in performing in a Boston Magic Lab show and have not yet done so, please click the button below and fill out the quick application. Someone from the team will respond to you soon!

Want to join the growing group of Boston-based magicians? Just add your email below to stay up-to-date about upcoming performance opportunities, jam sessions, and other community events!


Check back here often as we add fun events to the calendar below! 

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