In November 2019 five Boston-based magicians met and discussed their shared desire to create an experimental magic show in the city; thus creating The Boston Magic Lab. A month later, in December, the very first Magic Lab show took place at the Rozzie Square Theater. The show proved to be so successful that the magicians decided to make it a monthly recurring show and since then the Magic Lab has taken place every month. First in-person and after the start of the pandemic, it has continued virtually; each show fully selling out. Since that first show the group has continued to help build the local magic community and develop more public events.


After over a year of producing the Magic Lab experimental open-mic show, we are excited to announce that we have a new showcase show in the works that will be debuting in July. Get your tickets to CHEMYSTERY now by clicking here!


Boston's first experimental, open-mic style, magic show!
The Magic Lab is a magic show where local magicians test out their newest material. Flop or flourish, fail or prevail: Anything can happen.


Our newest creation. A showcase experience highlighting all the best local talent.
CHEMYSTERY is a magic showcase that features all of our favorite local talent. These are special event shows that will happen occasionally throughout the year.

The Boston Magic Lab would not exist in any form if it was not for a chance meeting between the team behind it all. From the first meeting at a Boston cafe, it quickly turned into a group of creative, like-minded friends. Learn more about each persons role at the Lab!


Felice Ling is the Founder and Executive Producer of the Boston Magic Lab. Out of a mishmash of disparate New England-area magicians, she created a monthly show and a cool little community.


She’s also an international street, fringe, and festival performer.

Colin Robinson is the mastermind behind The Boston Magic Lab’s magicians-only events.


With cards and coins an extension of his body, his technical chops are matched by a presentational predilection for the peculiar.


Eaden Marti is our resident mind reader, firefighter, and possibly the single most important person in our team. 

He manages the Boston Magic Lab's ticketing, email campaigns, and website. Without him we'd be in shambles. 

Zach Evans is The Boston Magic Lab’s resident graphic designer. Our look, feel, and vibe is all thanks to him.


He’s also a street performer and an emerging creator in the magic community.


George Madrid is a card enthusiast who lends his years of expertise as a former startup founder to the running of The Boston Magic Lab.


He got into magic to entertain his son. His son got bored, but he’s still here cuz we (and magic) are cool.

Jacob Greenwald is the youngest member of the Boston Magic Lab team (and its wisest).


He's got good ideas, advises on all things theory, and has already built a reputation for himself as a card magician and magical artist.  


Tris Ogram Buckley went from Magic Lab performer to a production team member. Tris is a creative, multi-talented magician who has made the Boston magic community richer with her presence.