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Here at the Boston Magic Lab we put on regular shows every month, but we aren't the only show in town. Below is a list of other local shows that we highly recommend you go see!


We have always been focused on developing a strong magic community, so we love supporting our fellow artists, and we hope you will too.

Other Shows
Poster for Four Handed Illusions magic show.
Poster for Miracles and Other Deceptions magic show.


Illusionists Joel Acevedo and Steve Kradolfer join their talents in a performance that is engaging, hilarious, and mystifying. As one of only 50 guests, you will experience the magic just a few feet from your eyes. Add the sophisticated elegance of Boston’s Hampshire House and the result is a uniquely entertaining experience you'll remember for a long time. Common objects will appear, vanish, teleport to impossible locations, and move across the room in inexplicable ways. You will also experience the wonders of the human mind through masterful demonstrations of telepathy, precognition, and mind reading.


See the ONLY magician to appear on Penn & Teller: Fool Us FIVE Times. Paul Gertner returns to Boston's classic Omni Parker House on select Friday and Saturday nights July 2021. Miracles & Other Deceptions is a 75-minute program of innovative theatrical sleight-of-hand magic. The show is performed for a small exclusive audience where the magic happens close-up, right before your eyes. The magic you will see is original material created and performed by world champion sleight-of-hand expert Paul Gertner. At each show premium VIP “At the Table” Seats will give 10 lucky people an interactive opportunity to become part of the show.

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